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When my wife and I bought our first home, we realized that it might be nice to switch over to cell phones instead of having a home line. Unfortunately, we quickly discovered that without a home phone, babysitters wouldn't have a way to call us or emergency lines if something were to happen. Because we go on regular date nights, we decided that it was probably time to start shopping around for a new phone. Unfortunately, we weren't prepared for what we would find at the store. We quickly discovered features that we didn't know existed, and we were confused. My blog breaks down different features you might find in a home phone, so that you can make the best choice for your family.


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Most people think of a residential security system

Keeping Kids Safe at Home: Using Your Alarm System for More Than Just Deterring Burglars

Most people think of a residential security system as a tool to help prevent crime in their home. Studies have shown that residential alarm systems do reduce crime when properly used. Not only do they help keep burglars out of your home, they can be a great tool to help keep your children safely inside it, too. Here are some ways you can keep your children safe at home using your security alarm system.

Keep an eye on latchkey kids

Families with children who are old enough to let themselves into the house alone after school can benefit from an alarm system. Modern security systems connect to the internet and can be programmed to notify working parents at the exact moment the alarm system is deactivated, so you know that your child has arrived home safely. Some systems also notify you if the alarm has not been re-armed, so you can either re-arm it yourself remotely via your phone, or call your child and remind them to reset the alarm.

Some security systems also include cameras so you can identify who is at the front door when the door is opened. This can help you be sure that your child isn't bringing home friends when they're not supposed to, and it can also help you see if your child opens the door to anyone while they are home alone. It's important that you stress to your children the dangers of opening the door to strangers, but children do forget this safety rule, and being able to view the door via a camera system can help reassure you that your child is following this safety rule.

Watch over mischievous teens

If you have a teenager who likes to sneak out at night, an alarm system could be a useful tool that helps you keep an eye on their comings and goings. Adding alarms to your windows as well as your doors can be a double-deterrent. If they think that they might set off the alarm and wake the entire household, they might just think twice about going out.

If your teen knows the code to disarm the alarm, and most should, you can get around this with some alarm systems by having a secondary remote control access. Your teen gets a code to use during the daytime hours to get into the house when you're not home, and you can set the alarm remotely at night, making the code ineffective until you reset it in the morning.

You can also be sure that your teen arrives home when they are supposed to by setting up your alarm system to alert you when it is deactivated. Not every alarm system offers this feature, so be sure to check for it before buying your security system.

Autistic children and security

Children and some adults with autism may be prone to wandering, and this includes wandering away from home. An alarm system that includes sensors on the doors and windows in your home can alert you if your child tries to leave the house. You can also place motion sensors by your child's bedroom door to alert you if they decide to wander around the house at night. In addition to an alarm system, consider using simple door chimes to notify you any time a door or window is opened, not just when the alarm is set.

Teach your children and teens about home security, and teach them how to use the alarm system as appropriate. This will help them feel independent while still keeping them safe when they're home alone. It will also give you peace of mind when you can be certain that your child is exactly where they're supposed to be when they are supposed to be at home.